Monday, June 17, 2013

A Belated Mexico

By the end of winter, everyone I know around these parts is itching for sunshine and warmth.  On the day of our departure, this crazy Minnesota winter weather dipped to -11 degrees.  I was secretly happy to be hightailing it out of here.  Little did I know that my return would not mean the end of winter-it actually did get worse.  But in the meantime I gloated from Mexico.  Merida and Tulum was a nice change of pace.  As the temps spiked 100+ we....

Took in some Sol...literally.
Admired the cathedral in Merida.

 Enjoyed the Zocalo...
a lot.
 Explored the spice market.

Sampled the local cuisine.
 Took an adventure. 
Into a refreshing cenote.

 Explored the ruins of Uxmal.

 Relived pirate history in historic Campeche.

And wrapped it all up with 3 relaxing days on the beach.