Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Last year's Madeline Island birthday celebration spoiled me and of course I wanted to explore a new fun spot for my big 30 this year.  I knew it would be hard to top, but my friends didn't let me down and I even got to celebrate with two of my favorite New Jerseyans and two of my favorite transplant Minnesotans.  We were off to a Great Lake on the Door County Shores. We...
 Enjoyed buckets of mini champagne at Summertime, because we could.
 Successfully set up camp at Potawatami State Park.
 Enjoyed the quintessential fish boil at White Gull Inn.
Marveled at exquisite sunsets at Sunset Beach Park.
Sunned ourselves at Whitefish Dunes State Park.
And then cooled off in the shallow water.
Had a tasting at Island Orchard Cider.

Enjoyed the shores of Cave Point County Park, on a quest for an ideal cliff jumping locale.
Ventured into Schoolhouse beach on a cloudy day.
We even ventured out to the raft.
Then something strange happened and it started with this cat fish.  And we started jumping.  We jumped with the cat fish. 
We jumped in front of the big tea pot.
We jumped on the ferry....
while heading back to the mainland.
And then we jumped some more in the cherry orchards

And picked some cherries to bring home.
It was hard, but I think we topped last year.  What a perfect way to enter my-ahem-30's.