Monday, September 28, 2015

Off the loom: 2 Blankets for 2 Babies

It's good to have deadlines.  Wedding and Baby due dates, tend to inspire me to get the job done.  I chose a pattern from "The Big Book of Weaving", by Laila Lundell.  I wanted something that washed well and was soft and warm.  This project is woven in double weave and although it is a tedious weave, it came just in time to welcome my new nephew, Nathaniel, into this world.  The other blanket went to my good friend's baby Milo, who I got to meet last weekend.  I experimented with the last blanket, by stuffing the pockets with fiber fill.  The effect is very interesting and in hind sight I wish I have stuffed all of it for a quilt like effect.  I am not quite done with double weave and am warping a new project right now.