Monday, July 21, 2014

4th of July in Maine

I must have an affinity to 4th of July on the East Coast.  In 2012 I was here and 2013 here.  I guess I just keep moving North.  Maine has long been on the top of my list.  I was both shocked and delighted how similar it felt to the North Shore here in Minnesota, but with an ocean instead of a lake and lobster instead of smoked fish. 

 We definitely saw our fair share of lighthouses.  Everyone makes a big old deal about the lens, so I suppose it is a big deal. 

The rocky shore was a blast to explore.  I tried to find a starfish and never did.
 Lobster traps and buoys.  The different color combos indicate different lobsterman.
 We cooled off with a fair amount of wild blueberry beer.  If you find yourself at Cottage Street Pub  they will add a scoop of the infamous berries to your Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Beer.
 At Thurston's Lobster Pound you picked out your lobster and watch them cook it.  
 Josh topped out at 2 pounds. 
Our beach day was a bit chilly, but we made up for it with some pool time.
 If I ever made a soap that smelled like Maine, it would smell like this.
 Down below, you could barely see the ocean.

 Weather was perfect until 2 hours before 4th of July fireworks.  We toughed it out anyway.
And it was worth it.