Friday, February 25, 2011

If it makes you happy

 I am a little bit fiber hoarder.  This is a bit of a subjective statement.  I suppose it all depends on who you are talking to.  My mom would say it is a chronic obsession  but what can I say I like my life “high in fiber”   Luckily, I make sure to surround myself with people just like me and according to them I am perfectly normal.  Knitting has come to be almost a criteria when it comes to my friendships.  Of course it also helps if you happen to be a fellow biker and cat lover, but I digress.  

As a member of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, I am surrounded by older more established ladies that see no qualms in using their extra bedroom for yarn, nor owning 4 looms and perhaps a knitting machine or two.  Therefore, I have come to feel less guilty about the spare knitting project I keep at work, in my purse and by my bed. It is most definitely acceptable to have 4 different sock projects going at any given time or an entire basket of yarn devoted to socks.  

And it isn’t weird trying to knit in bed, in the tub or while lying down.  I think it is a completely ordinary to dine at my kitchen table in company with my bobbin winder, yarn baller, and swift.  It is not irrational to buy yarn that you fall in love with even though you have no concrete idea of what you might make with it…yet.  And for a younger generation of knitters it is not out of the ordinary to go out for a drink and knit at the same time.   In my world it would be socially unacceptable  if you weren’t knitting whilst drinking.  In this blog, I hope to share my never ending projects and activities and perhaps some crafting wisdom and humiliation I have picked up along the way. 

Until next time, Happy knitting.

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