Monday, October 29, 2012


A few weeks ago Little E, my niece, was rushed to the hospital via ambulance due to a febrile convulsion.  Once safely home, luckily without a serious diagnosis, our attention turned to her beautiful sweater hand knit by my sister.  Upon arrival the paramedics had simply snipped off her clothes leaving this in the aftermath.  
 We brainstormed how to remedy this sweet little sweater.  It would have been easy enough to reknit the front, but the idea of undoing the collar and taking apart the entire sweater seemed more  exhausting than re-knitting the entire body.  In the end, I brought the mangled mess back to Minneapolis, deciding it was a perfect time to learn how to steek.

The ambulance crew didn't exactly cut in a straight line along one wale of stitches, as would be preferable for a steeked garment, but they did thankfully avoided the front cable.  
A quick online tutorial later,  the once pullover turned into an asymmetrical cardigan.  This hand knit piece will never be what it once was, but now it is a salvaged sweater with a story, as all good hand knits should have. 

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