Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthday Surprise

Back in February, when there was 20+ inches of ice frosting Mille Lacs, we celebrated our 5th"Crazy Winter Weekend" with our ice fishing friend Sarah.  Each group rented an ice shack for the weekend and was tasked to come up with a state theme and drink for Saturday night festivities.  Our shack chose Georgia in honor of Southern Belle Emily's birthday.  We concocted an elaborate pool party surprise, complete with Emily's favorite desert-ice cream, sweet tea vodka and a balloon drop.  Of course, it wasn't much of a surprise after I accidentally apprised Emily of the situation via E-mail. She was a good sport though and kept mum.  I kept busy the week prior creating salted caramel, vanilla and coffee ice cream sandwiches.  This recipe from Cannelle et Vanille continues to be my favorite.  Not So Humble Pie continues to have the perfect fool proof cookie as well.  The end of the night brought high sandwich sell through and we may have even surprised Emily...a little.

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