Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A cat bed for Muffin

I've been dreaming about a felt cat bed for Muffin for ages.  For the last 2 years he has snuggled up next to the radiator atop anything that may be lying around.  Finally this Spring I planned a project.  I envisioned a cushy double knit rectangular bed with an awesome chic chevron pattern that would put those awful sherpa lined pet beds, which I refuse to buy, to shame.  I tested a swatch and knit it up to spec.  I eagerly threw it in the wash and lo and behold.... an epic disaster emerged.  Needless to say I was extremely disappointed.  To add salt to the wound, I decided to keep it anyway and let the cats use it.  But the minute Muffin caught sight of his new bed he glanced at me terrified before bolting from the room.  Even Box Spring shows little interest once he realized that it was the least coveted spot of his frenemy, Muffin. The bed has remained empty for months.
Although I consider this project a failure, I learned something from it and the next time around will only see improvement.  And there will be a next time around. 

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