Monday, November 4, 2013

On and Off the Loom in only 9 months

I let this project sit unattended for countless stretches of time, returning to it on occasion when the mood struck. I was inspired by these gorgeous towels ages ago.  I planned a draft and began my warp, but then somehow I petered out.  Winter took charge and knitting and skiing seemed so much more cozy.  Spring, I said, I would muster up the energy to finish winding my warp, but then spring came and went.  By the time summer hit, it was too hot to be weaving.  And who can stand being indoors when our Minneapolis summers are so fleeting.  So then September came around and I realized that my towels I had so lovingly planned as a wedding gift were grossly behind schedule.  An October deadline was just what I needed to finish my warp.  I was devastated to find that dragging out the winding of the warp would result in disaster once the threading process began, but I persevered.  After all, it was nothing 15 weighted threads couldn't fix.  One long weekend of obsessive weaving later was all it took to wrap up the last loose ends of the project. 

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