Friday, April 4, 2014

A Ski Trip to Steamboat

I adore winter around Minneapolis.  But sometimes it is nice to check out winter in other parts of the country.  Last year my mom and I booked a sporadic trip to Mexico, a welcome respite from a seemingly long winter season.  This year Josh and I and my newly found interest in downhill skiing, hit up Steamboat Springs.  Known for feathery powder, our first day was whiteout conditions with lush virgin drift.  The warmer temperatures at the base of the mountain made Strawberry Springs and the Old Town Hot Springs a welcome treat after a day of skiing.

I couldn't get enough of this wonderland.  Air thick with snow, we could barely see.
 First thing in the morning, we hit up the isolated back of the mountain.
Lots of selfies passed the time on the lifts.

And the best treat were the natural hot springs, where boiling water literally flowed out of the mountain and into the pools below.  If the warmth became too much a courageous jump in the river was a refreshing cool down.

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