Friday, February 13, 2015

Cambodia: Koh Rong

On our last day in Siem Reap, we hopped an overnight sleeper bus to Sihanoukville.  The bunk bed sleeping compartments, made me imagine the "Night Bus" from Harry Potter, but in a non magical 3rd world country sort of way.  Josh and I struggled to share close quarters, but it was fun for the first 15 minutes. 
Once in Sihanoukville we jumped the first ferry to Koh Rong Island.  
We found a cozy, rickety and rustic bungalow just feet from the water. 

Koh Rong is roughly the size of Hong Kong and hosts 4 fishing villages  and seven beaches.  There are no roads and even the fanciest bungalow is just as nice or worse as the cheapest. 
Long Beach is 7 KM of shallow warm water and white sand.  

We hired a boat to take us fishing and caught our dinner.  

Meals were eaten on the beach.  I'm pretty sure Josh didn't wear a shirt for our entire 5 day stay. 
The most spectacular view was the sunset. 

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