Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend fun: With kids

A few weekends ago I flew home to help my mom take care of my nieces, Matea and Elodie, and nephew Meris while my sister, Jen, and brother in law, Ariel, were in Italy for a mini getaway.  I arrived late Friday night and woke up at 7AM (7!) to Meris quietly hovering over the bed.  I am not sure how long he had been standing there, but I was taken by surprise.  After a few moments, I asked him for a hug.  At the age of six (almost 7) he is now old enough to be bathroom independent, thank goodness, but not too old to climb into my arms for a spooning cuddle.  He said, "You know what Imo Kim?"  "What?", I replied.  "Matea and I were talking and we want to make a cake with you." he said matter of factly, as though they had discussed this in absolute detail.  "Is that so?  What kind of cake?"  I responded.  I had already been forewarned of this special request, by my mom.  "Anything."  he replied, "It just can't be all pink!"

Later, at breakfast, I asked Matea what kind of cake she wanted to help make and she excitedly responded "PINK!".

In the end we settled on rainbow, we did, however, forgo the yellow layer for a pink one as the entire cake could not be pink free.  In addition to cake baking we also...
 Gathered spring violets.
Made a crown.
Took a trip to Monkey Bizness, where Matea asked me oh so sweetly to play make believe mom and baby. The second I responded, "Sure.", she screamed "MOM!  Come here!".  I think I was tricked into that one.  I guess the job is equally as hard in make believe too.

Had ice cream for lunch.....just once.  And, yes, it does spoil your meal, but I am pretty sure I got some major Imo points!

Got lost in the maze at the Morton Arboretum.  

Had a blast on the adult friendly playgrounds at the Children's Garden.
Painted our nails.

Dyed some Easter eggs.
 Took a trip to Target, 
the park and...
admired ducks at Cosley farm, where Matea raced up to the Shetland Pony Pen and yelled, "SHET-Ahh-LAND PONY" 3 times at the top of her lungs before declaring, "It smells disgusting!" and walked away.

One day, I was told, very matter of factly, by Matea that my nose was "extra big" and later that day Matea said, "Uncle Ben (my brother), Maggie (my sister and law) and me are much more beautiful than you."  I am not sure how that popped into her head.  She hesitated, glanced at me and stated, "Imo Kim too!".  Phew... and here I was getting a nose complex. Maybe an extra big nose is a good thing in her book.


  1. Sounds awesome!!!!!!! You have an awesome nose

  2. Wow. You did all that over the course of the weekend, right? Not all in one day?!
    : )