Monday, November 5, 2012

Bowls for My Boys

 My mom would constantly complain that I fed my boys out of the same bowls that I use daily.  She would exclaim, "What would your friends think if you gave them soup out of this bowl and they looked down and saw the exact same bowl with cat food in it on the floor!"  I have no idea; no one has ever  complained about that, and it wasn't as though I don't wash my dishes.  Nevertheless,  I decided to remedy the situation once and for all.  
Of course after seeing my new cat dishes, my mom exclaimed, "Oh those are too pretty for your boys.  Can I have them?"  "No", I argued, "besides they already have cat food in them, you wouldn't want them."  Turns out she's not so picky after all.  
 I was stoked to see these cat bowls being unloaded from the kiln.  The glazing is always the pivotal moment between loving and hating something.  So many times have I been disappointed by a beautiful piece with a terrible glaze.  
Muffin, in particular, likes his new dish.  Here, he is reminding me to feed him, by putting his catnip mouse into his bowl, which is definitely one of his top 3 insanely cute moments!
They both spend a lot of time looking at their new bowls and telling me how much they love them....especially in the morning.... 
when they are desperately hungry.

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