Saturday, November 10, 2012

Empty Bowls

Last Friday Emily and I took a rather long lunch and ventured to Powderhorn Park for Empty Bowls, which is an organization that strives to  create art, provide sustenance and promote the common good.  Many of my instructors serve on the board of directors and work hard to run such a massive grassroots event.  And I have to say; it definitely exceeded my expectations.
 The rec center at the park has become a very familiar place to me.  A place where friendly faces gather to create and learn. On this particular day, upon arrival, we were greeted with home baked bread. 
So here's the deal... there are bowls... a lot of bowls.  First, you have to pick your bowl.
I loved this pretty carved white one.
But I went with this one instead.   Then you pay and get your soup and bread.
 The gymnasium was packed.  We sat, gathered and chatted.  After a refreshing bike ride, it was just what we needed. 
 Doesn't Emily look happy?
Afterwards they wash and wrap your bowl up for you.  Then we headed to the raffle area to place our bids.  I have my fingers crossed for the little mugs in the front.  Emily's got her eye on a mustardy yellow sauerkraut crock.  

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