Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Fun: Dabbling with Beer

Last weekend a group of beer lovin' friends and I headed to the Beer Dabbler in St Paul.  Despite the outdoor part, which immediately seems unappealing, the event was a blast. When I started feeling a little chilly I would make my way over to the silent disco where a surrendered drivers license would score you a personal headphone to wear in the dance arena.  The best part was that everyone could listen to whatever music got them grooving best.
 Pre-dabbling at Alary's, we noticed many other pre-dabblers wearing pretzel necklaces.  It makes sense to have a palette cleanser between tastings or just a snack to soak up some of that beer.  Either way a quick trip to Super America and some spare lengths of sock yarn donated from my knitting project resulted in our very own necklaces.  
 My very own tasting glass.  At first I was bummed that it was plastic, but as the night progressed I realized it was an excellent planning decision.  :-)
 The first cheers.
 Somehow, Sharon managed to help out behind the counter at Great Lakes Brewing!


  1. I love that our pretzel necklaces were made with sock yarn.

  2. No one should ever complain about my bar knitting ever again!!

  3. No one should ever complain about bar knitting, or argue with me about my awesomeness!! I am the only one that got behind a table to pour :)