Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend Fun: Book Across the Bay

I've been a little tied up these last few weeks, so posts are a bit delayed.  Two weeks ago I spent an amazing weekend in Bayfield, WI and participated in Book Across the Bay, a 10km hike from Ashland to Washburn.  While there I also...
 Gaped at the enormous boats stored away for the winter.
 Admired the view from the port of Bayfield.
Enjoyed fresh biscuits at the Egg Toss Cafe.  Also, celebrated WI in the best possible way with Brandy Old Fashions and Friday fish fry at Good Thyme.
 Contemplated the vast stillness of ice on Lake Superior on an early morning. 
 Walked around the tiny town of Bayfield.
 Appreciated the weathered charm of a port city.
 Hiked 2.5 miles to the Ice Cave Overlook. 
 Was stunned by the magnificent ice formations and am hoping that sometime in my life I can see them from sea level. 
 Admired the designs snow, wind and sun can make.
 Looked up through bare trees to piercing blue skies, squinting. 
Unwittingly came across amazing murals in Ashland, later to find I had come across the Ashland Mural Walk.
Sampled a sampler at local South Shore Brewery.
 Laughed out loud at this very informational course elevation profile. 

 Insisted on wearing entirely inappropriate footwear to Book Across the Bay.
 Gave up the snowshoe fantasy after 1km and sheepishly looked on. 
 Enjoyed the setting sun and starry night from the Chequamegon Bay. 
 Warmed up by the massive bonfire. 
 Loved the crystalline snowflakes formed overnight.
Finally got a chance to "break trail" in my new snowshoes. 

Enjoyed one last view of Lake Superior.
Checked out the gorgeous cross country trails of Mt. Ashwaby. 

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