Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Rolling Cowl

 I've been going through a period of stash busting lately.  It all started with the pom poms to rid my collection of those pesky little bits of thread.  But then it came on to the bigger stuff.  The half used balls of yarn from many a fair isle hat and even full skeins of yarn bought ages ago and meant for  -ahem-  something.  Sorting through my stash, a beautiful range of grays and blues emerged.  And so emerged this ottoman roll cowl.  A simple knit of jersey purl stripes with the slightest bit of color play.  Everything is grounded in gray-a yarn I had ridiculous amounts of.  The colors are almost exclusively the byproduct of past Birkie Hats- Danielle's,  Katie's,  and Meredith's-to be exact. Like the pom pom garland I like knitting with the yarns that remind me of my wonderful friends. 

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