Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Names

I am a happy imo (aunt) of two, but soon to be three.  And according to the saliva applied penny stuck to the wall by my pregnant sister, it will be a boy.  Apparently a male pregnancy causes an enzyme in the saliva of the mother to be “adhesive”.   I too participated as a control in this experimental guessing game of boy or girl.  My penny, dropped without hesitation, meaning that the sex of my hypothetical baby would be female.  My sisters penny stayed put the entire weekend and I imagine it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  Although she doesn’t ever find out the sex of her babies; it is always fun to speculate and participate in superstition or, in this case, scientific experiments. 

My sister has always been decidedly secretive about her baby names.  After the first two pregnancies, I have learned not to ask.  I will find out when the new guy is born and it will be another surprise to be excited about.

My nephew Meris, on the other hand, wanted to name the baby Olive.  When my sister reported this to me I exclaimed, “You can’t have Olive.  Olive is my baby name”.  Rest assured she won’t be stealing the names of my non-existent children. But when she prompted Meris on where he got the idea for the name Olive, he replied, “Imo Kim. She’s going to name all her kids after foooooooood.”  I don’t remember ever saying this, but I do know children are talented parrots, so I am sure that I must have said something along these lines at some point in time.  I spent the rest of the weekend telling Jen that Gorgonzola was also out of her baby name pool. It made us giggle, every time.