Monday, April 4, 2011

The last bit of winter

There are two ways for me to bike to and from work.  The street way and the trail way.  After months of commuting in winter darkness, I look forward to opting for the longer scenic trail route.  After a long day at work it is the best way to unwind, enjoy the warming sun and crisp spring air.

It had been warm all week and undoubtedly the trail would be virtually clear of ice and water.  As I turned onto the beginning of the trail, which can be accessed due west of down town on 11th Street just south of the new twins Stadium, I noticed there was another new trail splitting off to the right.

I hadn't taken this route in a couple of months and suddenly I was presented with options.  But just where did this new trail go?  I could see that it went under the new Twins Stadium, but then where?  The river?

I felt like Alice mediating with the Cheshire cat.  Well, where did I want to go?  Home.  I wanted to go home.  I turned left and started pedaling, promising myself I would explore the new trail another day.  About a mile later, I turned around.  Actually, I wanted - no had - to see where this trail went.  I didn't get very far, but I would have regretted not trying.  I am hoping the warm months bring a new way to bypass downtown Minneapolis.

The rest of my ride was equally lovely.  The lowering sun makes that last bit of snow and water sparkle like diamonds.  The simplistic beauty always fascinates me, although it can never quite be captured in a picture.

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