Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Surprises

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago at and outside of work and it was hands down one of the best birthdays ever.  The excitement all started in the morning in my cubicle.  Lovely Danielle had adorned my workspace with a banner and crepe streamers.  As I floated in and out of my morning meetings, new fun gifts seemed  to appear.  Stuffed animals, flowers, chocolate dipped oreos, cupcakes, cat magnets, butterfly tank tops; everything was so thoughtful.  
After work, Adam, who was assigned as my birthday escort, escorted me to the Local for happy hour where a group of friends were waiting.  Drinks followed by more gifts.  I couldn't get enough of my hand tooled mahogany ring, butterfly cross stitch, crazy cat lady board game, raspberry lambic, and my very own ice luge.  Later we biked our way to dinner at the Red Stag in Northeast.   Thank you Sharon, for planning the whole event and thank you everyone for being a part of my birthday celebration!  
 By far the best gifts have been the cards.  I love that it is so blatantly obvious how well my friends know me.  Even Box Spring and Muffin surprised me with a card.  I think some of these original masterpieces may be frame worthy.  

 Zinnias, one of my favorites, from Beth
 Gourmet carrot cupcake from Jenny.
And of course a collection of cat magnets from Bubbsie. :-)  Work is already brighter 

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  1. It was a lot of fun celebrating with you!!!!!!!! Can't wait til next year, when you'll be 22!!!!