Saturday, August 27, 2011

Forever Friends

A few weeks ago, Adam and I decided to each design a special friendship bracelet for each other that, ideally, reflected our personalities.  We individually concepted a design and color palette and then presented our proposals, gathered feedback and got to work.  Most of this scheming took place on our way to Wisconsin, much to the dismay of the other passenger and driver.  But they were pretty good sports, especially after they banished Adam to the backseat, next to me, and proceeded to turn up the music in the front.
On my birthday, we officially exchanged bracelets.  We wanted our designs to be similar but not exact.  I love my broken chevron and how we both grounded our bracelets in cream.
It has only been a few weeks, and mine has already faded, but like a true friendship, it can have a little wear and tear and still be good.  I haven't taken it off since.

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