Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Fun: At the Uptown Art Fair

I absolutely love art fairs.  I find them incredibly inspiring and inspirational.  I often wonder "why don't I do that".  Later, when reality eeks it's way back into my brain,  I remember that I never wanted to sell my goods, for fear it may sacrifice the enjoyment factor.
Anyway, last weekend a group of gals and I took a stroll through the Uptown Art Fair.  As usual, I admired politely until I got to my favorite booth, pottery by Michael Kahn from Greenbush Michigan.  The first year I moved here I bought a piece of his pottery and have been steadily adding to my collection every year.  It is rare, that I come across an artist whose work I adore so much that I consciously begin collecting.  This year I picked up an original framed drawing, 2 mini bug bowls and a lidded bowl which is lovingly hanging out in my bathroom.

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  1. One day I will go thriftin/art fairing/flea marketing with you!