Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend fun: In Buffalo

This past weekend my friend Emily and I indulged ourselves in Buffalo MN at the occasional sales.  Ridiculously charming and priced to sell it was hard to not walk away with too much.  In the end, I took home a lovely frivolously gilded mirror and a handful of lace doilies.

 My new mirror, now hangs sweetly in my bedroom.
 Can you believe someone hand crocheted this?  I have done this before and let me tell you, these guys are a steal at $4!

 I love these vintage games.  One day I will sip lemonade and play croquet.
 This is such a creative way to label garden plants and use up one off silverware.  I was almost tempted to pick one up, but then stupidly pointed out to myself that I can already identify dill and don't really need to label it. 

 I was very intrigued by these tiny little books.  Each one is a collection of short stories from the early 1900's and can fit in your pocket.
 What a gorgeous pitcher! I love the design and, of course, I am a sucker for the white enamel.
This may have been my most exciting find.  Who wouldn't love a gaggle of geese posing as measuring spoons.  If only I weren't so practical about the ones I already own!

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