Monday, September 5, 2011

Be Inspired: At the State Fair

After my volunteer shift, a stroll around the fair was in order.  My favorite building is Creative Activities;  I am so impressed with the effort put into all of the submissions.  Maybe one day I will enter something into the fair, for the pure novelty of the spectacle.
 Instead of walking, you can take the lift clear to the other side of the fair.  Maybe next year I will test it out.
 Happy sunflowers planted for the Little Farm Hands activity was a welcome reprieve to the hot sun.
 Check out these colors.
 Rows of cakes, each with a lovely chunk removed.
 Woodcarving demonstrations 
 Cats are a big theme with crafty folk.  There was a whole display case devoted to these sweet felines.
 Butterflies were another popular theme.  This filet crochet table runner was pretty impressive.
 Finally, the quilter's corner.  I always seem to gravitate towards these white grounded quilts with fancy stitch work.

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