Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have been back for a couple of days now and it hardly seems as though I've left.  Everything is right where I left it, everyone just as they were.  The only proof I have are my memories and my 1000 some odd photos.  But it is hard to prove memories; lately, I sift through my files trying to figure out the best way to share an experience, as fleeting as it may be.   I realize that I have a million sights, senses, thoughts and feelings that want to permeate their way through my keyboard and into cyber space, but somehow they get scrambled along the way.   Every attempt I make disintegrates before my eyes.  I need time to process.  Time to reconvene.  For now, I let these images speak for what I cannot formulate into coherency.  They are the images I find most inspiring-some inexplicably so.

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  1. Great pictures!!! It's amazing how quickly your trip turns to memories, and then you can barely remember those.