Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have I ever told you...

Have I ever told you about my friend Beth?  Some people tease me that she is my "work crush", which is a little excessive, but slightly true.  I just think she is super awesome and like to tell everyone that and she just happens to be one of my favorite people at work and outside of work.  Anyway, I made this friendship bracelet for her birthday, which just happens to be only 3 days after mine making us both Leos.  I got the pattern from the handmade section of the Free People blog.  Check out my beautiful Thank you card she made for me.

 I found this on my desk last week.  It's so nice to get a little hand written surprise amidst a busy workday.  It brightened my day and lifted my spirits.
My hand drawn card featured one of my favorite motifs.  Cats!!  Here is a small excerpt.  "DEAR KIM,....We should definitely continue hanging out outside of work because we are LEOs & we have fat cats that are gray and we like to do a lot of the same things :-)."  I totally agree!  But for the record Box Spring is just structurally large.  :-)

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