Saturday, March 17, 2012

Off my Needles: More Mint

I've only recently joined the cowl bandwagon.  Previously I had tried knitting the moebius cowl, the infinity cowl and even a cowl that was more like a neck warmer and it never really looked quite least on me.  After developing this hat pattern a few weeks ago I realized that I needed a cowl that was malleable and soft, something a little taller and closer to my neck with enough pliability to fold in on itself creating those soft curves.  Again, most chunky yarn doesn't need stuffy stitches.  In this case a 2x2 rib was fancy enough to give it some textural interest but humble enough to really show off the variation in the yarn.  Plus it is quick.  I whipped up two in one evening.  Try it for yourself with the pattern below.

Yarn: Chunky 200gms
Needles: size 17 Circulars or 15 Circulars knit very loosely

WPI: 5.5 stitches=4" in 2x2 Rib

Finished Measurements
~29" around x 11" tall 

Additional Notes
This is a quick knit.  The trick is to keep your tension fairly loose.  If you have problems maintaining a loose tension on your own then I suggest sizing up.  This cowl was knit on loose tension on a size 15 circular needle.

Cast on 40 stitches loosely.  Join in the round.

Knit in 2x2 rib until desired length is reached or yarn runs out.

Cast off loosely.  A 3 needle bind off may be used if you have problems maintaing tension.

Break yarn and weave in ends.


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