Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend fun: At the Birkie

Last weekend I participated in my third ever Birkie fever and first ever Korteloppet (I did the full Birkie last year).    The weekend was sunny and bright and thankfully full of snow.  I should have brought my snow shoes!  Last weekend I....
 Started the off the day right with some good old fashioned cheering on main street. 
 Spectated the most spectacular race; the Birkie Giant Ski.  Don't you love those ladies coordinating outfits?  By the way, the group in front completely lost control and these slow and steady gals won that heat!  
 Check out those skis being portaged back to the start.
 Later, warmed up at the Famous Moccasin Bar and contemplated a name for our Giant Ski group for next year.  I was partial to "The Muskies".  Coordinating hats would be entirely appropriate as well. 
 Have you ever seen a diorama as comical as boozing chipmunks?  If I weren't laughing so hard I would almost feel bad for the poor things.  This diorama, among many others was featured at the Moccasin Bar, along with the worlds largest Musky! Whoa!
 Chatted up the locals.  Notice the Birkie Sweater and our awesome hats?
 Birkie jitters on the bus. 
 Waiting for our respective waves to start. 
 Celebrated our endeavors with drinks and dinner at the Angry Minnow, the local brewery. 

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