Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On my loom (the new one)

My new loom and I have finally settled in.  Harnesses are heddled and hung.  For the most part, every little piece of loom that was disassembled has been found and put in place.  After a bit of travel I have finally found some time to weave.  My first project will be a set of curtains for the Weavers Guild of Minnesota 75th Anniversary book and my bedroom.  I wove a sampler a few months back and now I am excited to see the pattern unfold on a larger scale.  It is a varied sett in 20/2s with some raised ticking stripes in a heavier silk.  I am so pleased with the outcome so far and super happy about the extra 7" of width I will get on these.  Happy looming!
In other news, I sold my old loom!!  I had lugged it to the living room where is sat for a few weeks until I posted an ad at the guild.  I didn't really think it would sell as quickly as it did and I was sad to see my first loom go, but happy that it went to a good home.  Because I am a sentimental nerd I ran inside and took pictures of my old loom getting loaded up and swept away.  

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