Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the kitchen: I scream

You know what happens when you get obsessed with French Macarons? Like these and these....
 and these
and these.....
and about 10 other batches that I have concocted and withheld from sharing, well....  

...you end up with a lot of egg yolks.  Usually I try to save them, for, well, something, because I hate wasting food especially spendy organic eggs, but since the yolk, sadly, has a bad rep, most days they get discarded.  Until... I discovered ice cream, or at least how to make it.  And boy I have been makin' it.  And you know what?  It's my new favorite dessert.  In composition it is the perfect pair to the French Macaron.  Therefore where there are Macarons, there is now Ice Cream too.  So far I have made vanilla bean, strawberry (from these), coffee bean and salted caramel from Cannelle et Vanille (which I did revise with a quarter cup of additional granulated sugar in the yolk).  The cookie is from Not So Humble Pie, which is an amazingly easy and excellent recipe.  I embellished the top with indentations made with none other than the most universal tool in the world; the chopstick. :-)  Can't wait to venture out with some new flavors.  Canelle et Vanille has a treasure trove of them along with Macarons.  I highly recommend trying out some of the recipes and exploring the joy of baking in grams.   

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  1. Hmm... I have a container of I think 14 egg yolks in the freezer. What to do with those? They are all together in a single container.