Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend Fun with Strawberries

On Saturday, 3 good friends and I went strawberry picking at Bauer Berry Farm.  We agreed in advance that we would really only need 20 pounds of fruit to satisfy our eating, freezing and preserving needs.  However, once there, our eyes became bigger than our stomachs and our ambition doubled.  Long story short, we picked 32lbs of deliciousness(this doesn't include any casualties that may have been eaten whilst picking).  

And, oh what to do with 32lbs of deliciousness?  The possibilities are endless.  We spent the rest of the afternoon solving that conundrum.  Luckily, many hands make light work as we busily washed, hulled, sliced, infused,  mashed, boiled, canned, froze and baked.   And despite our best efforts to make any sort of significant dent in our harvest we all still managed to take home 2lbs of fresh strawberries to just simply enjoy.

 Half pint jars sterilized and waiting.
 Strawberry thyme jam
Strawberry infused vodka
Strawberry Scones

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