Thursday, December 29, 2011

Giving:Part 2

Nothing's better than seeing your hand knits being worn and loved. Of course in my case the only member of the family to voluntarily put on his hat was my brother in law Ariel.  
I spent all afternoon trying to get a decent picture of all my nieces and nephews in their respective hats, which meant going around exclaiming, "Your head looks cold.  Want to put this hat on?". Most of the time I was ignored or grunted at (only from Matea).  My littlest niece Elodie was a lovely model, but extra squirmy.  In the end, I slipped Meris's hat on while he was playing games on his new DS.  He didn't seem to notice for a while, but I never did get him to smile.  Matea had to be bribed, just a little bit, by Halmi (grandma maternal side) with candy.  I also have pictures of Elodie with her new stocking and I was so glad that I rushed to finish it.
P.S.  I used this pattern for Ariel's "Wurm hat"  I just made a few tweaks to the top, so it would be a more gradual decrease.  One day I will really get on Ravelry and jot my notes down.

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