Monday, December 26, 2011


I actually made all my Christmas gifts this year and didn't even stress out as much as I have in past years.    From left to right, top to bottom- in a sort of disorganized zig zaggy way.  Table Runner and set of place mats for my sister Jen (from this warp).  Scandinavian bread towel for my cousin Kiyoung who was admiring my mother's set this past November (I promised I would send her a fresh one and I finally buckled down and learned how to cross stitch).  A selection of mice stuffed with homegrown catnip for my cat loving friends and their cats.  Lavender satchels.  I harvested lavender all summer long. A first year Christmas stocking for my brand new niece Elodie (my mom reminded me after she hung up the first 2 stockings that poor little Elodie was without).  Matching entrelac earflap hats for Matea and Elodie ( I made them at least 50% pink so there would be, hopefully, no objections from Matea).  A space dyed striped beanie for Meris( (I finally got to try out that pom pom maker).  Felted wool clogs for Ben and Maggie.  A smallish (if only my loom were wider) rep weave rug for my mama, my most recent warp.  And, a slouchy ottoman roll beanie for my groovy brother in law Ariel!  I also picked up 4 of Beth's amazing 2012 calendars.  Check them out here.  I already have mine hanging up and I especially love August!  Surprise surprise....

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