Saturday, March 12, 2011

Keep on Braiding.

Last year, at our third annual craft retreat, the ladies and I took a rug braiding class at one of the shops in down town St Croix Falls  called In the Wool.  It was an excellent 3 hour class and included 1 yard of wool, a wool clamp, a lacing needle, lacing thread and a book.  We all left the shop with enough yardage to create a small wool rug.  Back at our craft retreat cabin, we ignored our knitting projects and kept on trucking through our braided rugs.  It was fun to see how everyone used color in a different way.      I made good progress on my own rug, but once home it lay untouched on the floor of my craft room next to a giant pile of wool fabric for 10 months...until now.  Seeing my new kitty curled up in the center of my unfinished rug prompted me to finally finish it.  I cleared off my table, added the extra leaf and got to work.
My rug!
My sweet friend Kara's rug.
Ashley's rug.
Morgen's rug.
My rug in the foreground.  Going clockwise, Danielle's rug, Ashley's rug and Morgen's rug.

Of course, nothing stopped New Kitty from staking his spot on the rug.
Only 4 more yards of wool left!  This guy is starting to hang off the table!

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