Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Fun

Last week I crashed my bike on my way to work.  Actually, I just fell; but Sharon assured me that crashing sounds more hard core.  So I crashed.  It happened on the corner of Lyndale and 15th St right by Loring Park and next to the Walker Art Center.  Snow had been melting rapidly and an overnight freeze coated the streets with ice.  After I wiped out a friendly bystander braved the street in an attempt to recover my lunch box, which had flown out of my crate.  Embarrassed I scrambled up and told her I was Ok and to not come into the street as it was slippery...obviously.  Just as she stepped onto the street, she too slipped and "crashed"  Then I just felt worse.  

Since that moment, I have been anxious for winter to just go ahead and get on with it.  I was determined to coup myself up inside until the temps were at least in the 40's.  So when Adam asked me to bike to St. Louis Park on Saturday to help him pick out a new bike, I was weary.  It was supposed to be in the 30's and that was against my new rule.  But...Saturday rolled around and it was a sunny gorgeous day.  A lovely day for a ride.

Not only did Adam get his new awesome road bike, we also made a pitstop at one of the most amazing stores in Minnesota, The Four Firkins.  If you like good beer, this is the place for you.  The brews you find here, you can't get at just any ordinary liquor shop.  And the best part is, you can bike there!!  Yep, The Four Firkins can be accessed almost entirely by Minneapolis Park Trails.  Thank you Four Firkins for helping make my Saturday night even better.

Danielle's Boston Terrier, Bubba came over for an extended weekend visit, while his mama was out of town.  Our morning walk to the coffee shop made me forgive winter.... just a little.

After Bubbsie left this afternoon, Muffin was happy to re-establish himself in the living room.  I too was also happy to enjoy the Apricot Wheat Growlers brought back from Fitger's .

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