Thursday, March 31, 2011


Close friends and family know that I have battled with an excess of too much sock yarn.  Last year I resolved to not only finish all my sock stash, but to also resist from buying more.  I am only 1.5 skeins away from achieving my goal, but last night I had a disturbing dream.

In my dream, I was cleaning the hair out of the drain of my bathtub (I know mom, the cleaning part is very peculiar, but remember this is only a dream)  Of course this dreamy drain was very large, much larger than a normal drain, and I had to reach my hand way down into the pipe.  When I pulled up, an unfinished sock on needles and a skein of yarn came up.  I didn't think that was weird at all so I reached in again and fished up another unfinished sock.   Then I woke up; anxious.

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  1. you are so weird! :) I dreamt of sheep the other night....