Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello, my name is Adam.

I am notorious for talking about my cats, but once spring hits I become equally obsessed with my caterpillars.  Maybe I am just prone to liking things that have the prefix "cat".  Whatever the reason, I have blabbed endlessly at work about the miracle of raising monarch caterpillars until Beth finally asked if I could bring one in to serve as a team mascot.  Of course, I was excited.  So excited that I set up a presidential suite for this one special caterpillar.  The only question was, which lucky caterpillar would it be?

Later in the week on a walk with Adam, I was talking about caterpillars (as usual) and how to find them.  I then pointed out a patch of milkweed and watched as Adam walked up to the first plant and said nonchalantly, "I found one".  And indeed he did.  I was so proud of his discovery that I decided this lucky little guy deserved to be the special team mascot at work.  Adam, humbly, named the caterpillar Adam. 

Adam (the caterpillar) has since taken permanent residence on Beth's desk and I have been ecstatic to see how interested and excited everyone has been to observe and watch him grow.  

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