Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hand towels are to looms as socks are to knitting needles.  Apparently I seem to be in a hand towel funk.    They are just so easy and fun and relatively cheap to make.  They are great gifts and I can try a lot of different techniques and color combos. I promise my next project will be a second set of curtains for my bedroom, but I guarantee I will always have a hand towel warp ready to go as a good filler project.  This is my second stab at turned twill blocks.  This warp just makes me so happy.  I love the saturated tonal aquas and zesty limes.  Whenever I sit down to weave I am reminded of the ocean.  Happy weaving!


  1. I spend a LOT of time in my kitchen, glancing at and using my hand towels, and also doing laundry, which routinely includes said hand towels. One can never have enough different sets to enjoy!! (Yes, that's a hint--send something bright and cheery my way any time!)