Monday, June 13, 2011


When life gives you lemons; make Limoncello!!  On my recent visit to the bay area, I was lucky enough to enjoy Baby Imo's beautiful lemon tree in full fruit.  Within feet of these gorgeous lemons the scent is lemony to the millionth degree.   I spent my first evening there casually sniffing a lemon every few minutes.  With such bounty, I insisted on stuffing 24 of them into my already crowded carry on.  Once home, I was dead set on making Limoncello.   After completing the first batch, I decided to make Arancello (orange) as well.
 Check out these lemony beauties.  Even after a long plane ride and a few days in the fridge, the scent is undeniably strong and delicious.
 Peeled with all pith removed, the alcohol is already beginning to extract the oil pigments from the skin of the fruit.  
And what to do with 24 leftover lemons?  Well, make lemonade of course!  

 Here is the recipe I use for home made Limoncello.  You can start drinking the deliciousness after 80 days, but for a smoother and more mature flavor, I recommend a 1-2 year mellowing period.

1 Bottle Everclear 95% alcohol/90proof 750ml
1 bottle Vodka 40% alcohol/40proof 750ml
15 thick skinned organic  lemons
750ml filtered or distilled water
5.5 cups sugar
1 Gallon Jars ( I used Kimchee jars)
#2 coffee filters
#4 coffee filters

Day 1
Wash and peel lemons.  You can use a lemon peeler but you want to make sure to remove all of the white pith as this will cause your limoncello to taste bitter.  I used a fruit zester.

Combine lemon peels, Everclear and Vodka in the gallon jar.  Close tightly and store in a cool dark place for 43 days

On days 8, 22 and 36, gently stir

Day 43
Test brittlness of peels.  If they snap easily then they are ready.  With a slotted spoon remove peels from alcohol

Filter limoncello with the #4 filters 2 times.  In the mean time wash out the gallon jar before returning limoncello to it

Combine 3 cups water and sugar in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.  Boil for 5 minutes.  Set aside to cool

Once everything is filtered, add the cooled syrup.  Return to a cool and dry place for 40 more days

Day 83
Filter limoncello through the #2 coffee filters.  Repeat.

Fill and cork bottles with limoncello and continue to store in a cool dry place.  You can now enjoy your creation, however the longer you wait the mellower and smoother your limoncello will be.

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  1. Looking forward to sampling the fruits (ha!) of your labor.