Monday, June 20, 2011

Rainy Days

This week has been a rainy one.  My bike and I have found ourselves caught in the rain almost every day- sometimes twice a day.

On Wednesday, I biked to work in a steady shower, but by noon the weather had cleared into a bright sunny day.  I distinctly remember sitting in a 3 hour meeting stealing glances through the window longing to be outside and counting down the seconds to the end of the work day.  Of course, to my dismay, the weather took a U-turn right at 5PM and I left work the same way I came, in the rain!

But, life goes on.  I remind myself of that trip I took to India in 2006 in the middle of the monsoon season when scattered showers interrupted each day.  At first, I took every effort to dodge under a canopy to wait it out, but then I noticed that nobody seemed phased by the downpours, they just simply went on with their lives.  I imagine nothing would ever get done if we all decided to wait it out together.  So, by the end of the trip, I had gotten used to trucking along rain or shine.

Despite this schizophrenic weather, I welcome the intermittent downpours.  Rain is cleansing. Like the sorbet between courses, it erases and it freshens.  It also nurtures nature and it nurtures me.  It gives me a moment to take a break and it reminds me that there are things out of my control.  I think about one of my favorite characters on Star Trek, Tuvak, who so wisely says, “It is illogical to dwell on situations beyond your control”.   This philosophy applies to life and not just weather, logically.

Of course, I still sit here; now, inside, listening to the pitter patter of raindrops outside and tell myself, "this is a perfect day to get things done."  I should do all those things I hate to do (particularly on sunny days); like clean or organize.  Instead, I wind up weaving, reading a book or knitting; but then again that is the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Isn't it?  Rainy days are to enjoy; not abhor.

And it hasn't stopped me from my milk weed/caterpillar hunt or from enjoying the glimpses into summer that I have been yearning for.

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  1. We are waiting for summer, too. Haven't even been to the pool or beach once yet!