Friday, October 21, 2011

Apple Picking and Butter Making

The fall version of Strawberry season, but a lot easier to pick.  On a crisp Sunday afternoon, I found myself with 4 lovely friends and 2 dogs at Minnetonka Orchards.  I am usually not a fan of apples.  Thinking about them makes my teeth tingle and my tongue salivate. I am however, oddly enough,  a fan of apple picking.  Something about being outside, rows of trees laden with fruit, apple cider and cinnamon donuts make me happy. To my surprise, I actually  liked the Honeycrisp apples we picked, devouring 2 immediately.  Between the 5 of us we picked a bushel,  and devised plans for apple butter making at Eliz’s.  Again, many hands made light work as we cored, peeled and boiled.  The boiling  took longer than expected, so we didn’t quite get to the canning part, but Eliz and Emily finished up the batch the next day.  

Meanwhile, these tart, sweet, firm and juicy Honeycrisp apples have been the star of many a meals.  German apple cake, cooked into oatmeal.  Slivered atop a bed of roasted beets and sliced into an open faced sandwich with brie cheese and figs.  The possibilities are endless and scrumptious too.

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