Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stockholm Style

When it comes to style, Swedish designers just get it.  The clean lines, thoughtful materials and neutral palette with an unexpected twist.  Light.  Open. Unassuming. And Inviting.   Take what you might see at a store like Ikea and amplify it a million times. The result is achingly modern and classic, functional yet trendy, homey but cool.   Hands down, Stockholm is a treasure trove of inspiration for interior design and textile advocates.     Each store, clothing and interior, so well curated in this modern Scandinavian aesthetic.  So consistent, yet unique.  Right now, I am loving white ceramics, graphic prints, aged birch, succulents and pops of color. 

Photo Credits: This is just a small sampling of the stores I visited, but there were just too many.  I could have filled pages, books really.

  From top to bottom, left to right.  Room arrangements at Norrgavel.  Pillow from SvensktTenn; print by legendary textile artist Josef Frank and absolutely the most inspirational showroom I have ever visited.  Fabric by TioGruppen.  Ceramic mugs at Konsthantverkarna made by Jonas Lindholm.  Feather Necklace by DesignTorget.  Flower pot decals also at DesignTorget. Cutout baskets from Asplund.

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