Friday, October 7, 2011

Culinary Adventures

 I don't think I have ever visited a country where I ate so consistently well.  We didn't stumble on a single terrible meal and being food lover's this was a good thing.  Swedish fair is full of fresh fish, hearty servings, and delectable deserts.  What's not to love?
 From top to bottom, left to right.  Apple custard at Conditori Sturekatten. Ginger cake with lingonberries and homemade whip cream at Skansen.  Nordic blackened salmon on a sea of whipped potatoes at Vardshus on Uto.  Lamb and root veggies at Pelikan. Smor means butter in Swedish. What a lovely touch at Pelikan. True Swedish meatballs served with whipped potatoes, lingonberries and sweet pickled cucumbers at Bakfickan.  Seafood soup at Lisa Elmqvist. Fresh filet of sole with a compote of beets at Lisa Elmqvist. Braised leg of lamb at Bistro Sud.  Open faced herring sandwich at Nystrekt Stromming (newly fried herring).  Cardamon and cinnamon spiced buns at Cafe Saturnus.  An afternoon break with pastry sweets and samovar at Sundbergs Konditori.

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