Monday, October 3, 2011


A half hour train ride on the local Pendeltag, followed by a 15 minute bus ride, and a mere 45 minute journey by ferry is just the right amount of time needed to find yourself lovingly nestled on the dreamy island of Utö.  Being post summer, we were the only guests at the only youth hostel.  Although seemingly desolate, it was oddly relaxing and just what I needed to rejuvenate.  The first afternoon we spent wandering the north side of the island, through the forests and along the craggy beaches.   On the second day, I awoke to rain and a mist of clouds shrouding the sky.  Contentedly, I snuggled back into the down comforter and dozed to the patter of raindrops.  Later, once the weather decided to cooperate, we hopped onto a few bikes and cruised the entire length of the island, on the only dirt road. Smaller trails drew us deep into the pine and fern. Grassy, muddy and then sandy.  Taking a break at this lovely white sand cove of a beach, we diverged paths to explore in solitude. Zoning out to the melody of crashing waves, I was mesmerized by the seaweed pulling in and out by the tug of the Baltic.  I was conscious of my breath, breathing deep, filling my lungs with the scent of sea, pine and sweet moss.
My view from the hostel.  Being the only guests, gave us the best room in the house. 
There is something about the light on this island.  It softly creeps into the trees illuminating the spongy moss floor.

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