Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Murphy's Law

Back in Stockholm and eager to get moving, Melisa and I decided to explore the city via Stockholm City Bikes.  Multiple bike stands are located throughout the city and with a City Bike card pass you can take and return a bike to any stand as many times as you would like throughout the day.  Minneapolis has a similar program called Nice Ride and I have been eager to test out the idea of public bike sharing since our own Nice Rides were installed last year.  There, in Stockholm, I finally had my chance.  Our first morning we had no problem finding the bike stand closest to our hostel.  Check! It was off to the Modern Art Museum.  Before leaving we double check the map for the closest bike stand to our destination.  It wasn't close.  We would have to walk a little. So we did.  Upon arrival at the museum what do we see?  A Stockholm City Bike stand right in front of our destination. No matter, we're here.  After entering the museum, we discover that the exhibit we wanted to see just ended. Darn!  Nothing to see here.  It's off to the Nordic Museum.  It had started to drizzle.  Shall we take the ferry instead?  No.  We can bike, a little drizzle won't hurt.  First let's check the map.  There is only one bike stand on Djurgården. I think I can find it.  15 minutes later, we arrive.  Shoot, the rack is full.  What do we do with our bikes?  Ok, where is the closest bike stand.  It is right across the bridge.  The rain has gotten stronger. Across the bridge we go.  Where is this bike stand?  It has to be here.  Keep riding.  Turn around.  Turn back around.  Ok, it's not here.  I'm soaked.  There has to be another one.  Ride up this street.  I know! There is one here.  There it is.  2 spots left. Phew!  Now what?  It is still raining.  Let's go to a cafe.  Ohh look, across the square, Piccolo, that must be a cafe.  Let's have some tea, dry off, no?  Ok.  Piccolo is a dry cleaner!  Who names a dry cleaner Piccolo?  Darn!  How about we huddle under this awning until the rain lets up?  Ok.  I'm soaked.  Me too.  Let's just walk to the damn museum.  I want to see some damn Nordic crafts.  Ok.   Later, after the museum with lifted spirits...  I am so glad to be dry.  I'm famished.  Me too.  Let's go to Soldermalm for dinner.  Ok.  Shall we bike?  Yeah, let's bike, that bike stand was full this morning.  Let's go.  Upon arrival, there are no bikes left. Really??  Murphy's law states "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

Luckily, this law only applied to our first miserable morning.  The next 2 days were perfect via bike.  Once we got the hang of it, Stockholm proved to be a very friendly city to bike.

Walk with caution.  Bikers approach from all angles.
 Isn't this nice? A special bike path off the road and only for bikers . I was green with jealousy.
 Check out this street!  I'm loving the giant bicycle symbol smack dab in the middle of the street.  Another pang of jealousy hits.  I distinctly remember wondering why we didn't have something like this in Minneapolis.
It's like Minneapolis was channeling my Swedish wishes.  Check out our new bike boulevard on Bryant Avenue.  This all went down during my week off.  Have you seen it? 


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  2. Such funny stories. I like the pics!!